Marble Tea Cake with Sticky Chocolate Topping.

It’s been a gloriously hot week here in France and the #booktubeathon2016 is in full swing. To be able to complete the reading challenges one needs sustenance and what better way to do this than to enjoy a spot of tea, Rebecca by Daphene Du Maurier and my favourite Chocolate Marble tea Cake. Entirely pleasing! Ingredients 130g butter (soft unsalted) 130g granulated sugar 150g flour … Continue reading Marble Tea Cake with Sticky Chocolate Topping.

Flat bread

Seasonal Green Garlic Flat Bread

We’ve lost our favourite boulanger to another town! I aptly named him the Happy Baker, because not only did he make our tummies happy, he was also always jovial, humming and jiving to some real decent reggae tunes. He’s been replaced by a new crew, with whom we did the “look, see, inhale, try, um!” Let’s just say, maybe it is best if we give … Continue reading Seasonal Green Garlic Flat Bread

pot luck

French Classics- Pot Luck-The Rougon-Macquart Series (#10) – Émile Zola

I Rated It  You can find the book here: Pot Luck by Émile Zola ***** Other Zola’s you might like Rougon-Macquart Series #1 The Fortunes of the Rougon #2 The Kill #3 The Belly of Paris #4 The conquest of Plassans #5 The Sin of Father Mouret #6 His Excellency: Son Exc; Eugene Rougon #7 L’Assommoir #8 A Love Episode #9 Nana Continue reading French Classics- Pot Luck-The Rougon-Macquart Series (#10) – Émile Zola


A Very Berry Jam

So during Wimbledon we have an enormous amount of strawberries, raspberries and even black current. Once we’ve had enough of strawberries and cream over Tennis, we had to find use for the rest. Hello Mixed Berry Jam. Ingredients: 500g Strawberries 200g Raspberries 100g Black current 500g granulated sugar 2 tbls lemon juice 1 tbls rich cream sherry     Method: Clean and hull berries. I … Continue reading A Very Berry Jam


Fennel de Foeniculum

Ah yes finally, the summer is here. The sun is out and the garden is luscious, green and brimming with 100% organic goodies. The happy days are here again! Let’s talk Fennel, particularly the Foeiculum vulgare dulce, this clump forming biennial native of south Europe is one of the must-haves in my garden and although its fully hardy and can grow just about anywhere, I … Continue reading Fennel de Foeniculum


The Year of the 13 Moons

I was of two minds when writing this post, should I call it “L’année de merde en Bourgogne” or as titled above. Ever the eternal optimist, the latter won. It’s been so topsy-turvy this year, I finally decided to log my progress in the kitchen garden and what do I get…….rain and more rain. The vineyards are absolutely on the rock or rather bashed by … Continue reading The Year of the 13 Moons